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No regrets is about healing. By listening to the stories of regular, everyday people, of all ages, I hope it inspires you to never wonder “what if” & live with #noregrets.

Trusting Yourself in 2020 with Shaman Isabella Stoloff

January 21, 2020

Shaman Isabella's journey has been quite the wild ride. From drug addiction and spending time in prison to an acting and public speaking teacher to shamanic healing, Isabella says energy medicine changed her life. 

Trusting the universe has your back, manifesting abundance, worry consciousness, karma, bringers of light and so much more are discussed in this episode. 

Remember we are divine magical beings and but one vibratory note in the universe, what frequency do you wish to vibrate at? 

Find Shaman Isabella on all social media channels:

Facebook: Shaman Isabella Stoloff

Instagram: @shamanisabella and @orangecountyhealingcenter

YouTube: Isabella Stoloff

Twitter: @isabellastoloff

To contact and learn more about Shaman Isabella, visit her website at https://orangecountyhealingcenter.com/.

To sign-up or see the details of her 6-week Awaken the Creator Within online course starting January 27, 2020, visit her Events page. 

Shaman Isabella shares more of her story in her latest video interview with Tanna Marshall